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Online payment fraud losses to hit $91bn by 2028

Merchant losses from online payment fraud will exceed $362 billion globally between 2023 to 2028, with losses of $91 billion alone in 2028 as new technologies such as AI begin to be felt in the market.

That’s according to a new report for ResearchAndMarkets, which analyses the repercussions of the surge in alternative payment methods, forthcoming challenges in the realm of Open Banking APIs, and an assortment of fraud types across sectors such as banking, remote digital and physical goods, and airlines.

The report says the upswing in eCommerce transactions, especially in emerging markets, is the driving force behind this burgeoning landscape. It details how merchants operating in these markets are grappling with novel threats, prominently the heightened utilisation of artificial intelligence (AI) for perpetrating fraudulent activities.

Online payment fraud encompasses a spectrum of deceptive or illicit online transactions orchestrated by cybercriminals employing diverse fraudulent techniques like phishing, business email compromise, or account takeover.

One of the report’s conclusions is that eCommerce payment providers should extend dashboards and data visualisation tools to cater to smaller SME customers. It asserts that SMEs currently lack access to robust customer analytics, and this data holds the potential to illuminate consumer purchasing patterns and furnish insights into payment method preferences and fraud trends.

Hence, by offering supplementary services to SMEs, eCommerce payment providers can distinguish their offerings in an increasingly cutthroat and commoditised marketplace.

Photo by Jefferson Santos on Unsplash