Sarah Jones, CEO & Founder – Sarah Jones Coaching

“Critical leadership & team skills to help reduce merchant fraud, and how to deploy them”

Fraud pressure, and even consumer abuse, is on the rise in the UK. What are the forward-thinking leadership skills & attributes do you need to ensure your teams are on top of today’s issues

  • Overview of merchant fraud and causes
  • What poor team dynamics can cost you
  • What a cohesive team looks like, and how to lead it to success
  • How a cohesive team, and forward thinking team leadership is critical to the organisation’s success
  • Tools and techniques you can use NOW.

Alex Wood, CEO – Reform Courses

“The Fraud Mindset & Eradicating Mule Accounts”

Alex’ speech gives a unique insight into the criminal mind, enabling a deep understanding of the ‘Fraud Mindset’ as well as sophisticated ‘Social Engineering’ techniques.

  • Alex’ background of criminality and cyber fraud
  • Anatomy of a Cyber Fraud
  • The Fraud Mindset
  • Mule Accounts
  • Movement of Cash including Hawala and Daigou

Rebekah Moody, Darwinium

“Delve into the fascinating world of AI-powered fraud prevention and its profound impact on the financial industry.”

Test and deploy new fraud strategies to respond to evolving threats in real time. Tailor remediation to each user

Diana Johnson, Senior Lecturer – University of the West of England

“The fight against fraud – are the latest laws working to tackle the fraud epidemic in the UK?”

This talk addresses the recent laws introduced to tackle the issue of corporate fraud, together with an examination of the UK’s counter-fraud strategy and Economic Crime Plan.

  • Fraud
  • Senior managers and corporate criminal liability for fraud
  • The Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act 2023
  • UK Counter-Fraud strategy
  • Economic Crime Plan