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Darwinium is a next generation digital security and fraud prevention platform running on the perimeter edge, via Content Delivery Networks, protecting every customer interaction from fraud, scams and online abuse.

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The fraud technology landscape is full of black boxes, partial data sets, long delays, limited control, and more reactive approaches to Fraud. With how quickly fraud can occur and adapt, brands need better control, precision, and timeliness of data to stop fraud before it happens. In digital, brands need a platform that can build evidence profiles and manage digital identity from the very first page/screen and maintain and build that evidence profile with every click, interaction, and journey across all devices and channels. The machine learning and activation options need to be transparent and adjustable. is a global payments solution provider thathelps businesses and their communities thrive in the digital economy. They offer innovative solutions that flex to your needs, valuable insights that help you get smart about your payments’ performance, and expertise you can count on as you navigate the complexities of an ever-shifting world.


Justt’s smart chargeback automation provides merchants with an end-to-end chargeback dispute resolution backed by an AI engine to continuously help drive increased win and recovery rates. This fully automated solution connects seamlessly with your payment service providers for real-time chargeback status information, automatically retrieves evidence across your payments ecosystem, and assembles it into intelligent templates submitted as representments on your behalf.

Mastercard Identity

Ekata Inc., a Mastercard company, empowers businesses to enable frictionless onboarding and purchasing experiences and to combat fraud worldwide. Our identity verification solutions leverage sophisticated data science and machine learning to help businesses make quick and accurate risk decisions about their customers.


Ravelin provides technology and support to help online businesses prevent evolving fraud threats and accept payments with confidence. Combining machine-learning and graph network visualisation, Ravelin helps businesses draw deeper insights from their customer data to detect fraud, account takeover and promotion abuse and increase payment acceptance.


Telesign provides continuous trust to leading global enterprises by connecting, protecting, and defending their customers’ digital identities. Telesign verifies over five billion unique phone numbers a month, representing half of the world’s mobile users, and provides critical insight into the remaining billions.

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